Gelber + Santillo has extensive experience litigating claims on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state court.

We have successfully litigated partnership disputes, employment matters, securities fraud claims, art and consumer fraud claims, complex contract and tort claims, real estate matters, and a wide variety of commercial disputes.

Gelber + Santillo also represents a broad range of clients, from individuals, to start-ups, to Fortune 500 companies. Their recent successes include winning a motion to dismiss all eight causes of action against an individual in connection with a $100 million Ponzi scheme; winning a motion to dismiss all causes of action against two real estate developers in a consumer fraud case; defeating a motion to attach all of a client’s assets in a Ponzi scheme case; defeating a group of insiders in an attempt to steal a company’s valuable patents in a bankruptcy matter; and securing a valuable turnover in a high profile art fraud.   The firm's attorneys have also obtained numerous favorable settlements outside of the courtroom, helping clients to avoid the costs of lengthy litigation.

Our attorneys also have extensive experience arbitrating claims before FINRA, JAMS, AAA, and the ICC.